The Iron Snail Inc. experience!

We understand the disappointment of not finding what you want at a big box store. At the Iron Snail Inc, we work in a 4 stage process.

  •  Consultation:  You provide an experienced designer the specifications of your project ideas.
  • Design: Our experienced designer will provide you a computer aided design via text message or email.
  • Fabrication: Our skillful artisans begin with the fabrication of your one-of-a-kind project.
  • Installation/ shipment: Depending on your preference and location, your project will be delivered and professionally installed or shipped to your city.

the iron snail inc.

Our great quality doors are hand crafted by experienced  artisans. thats right, no robots.

custom made irons doors fit well with a great variety of different home styles. We design our doors to be the design you have been looking for but could not find.







Our story

It was fate that brought The Iron Snail Inc. to homes across the United States. David Zuniga and his two sons faced two options at the peak of the economic recession in 2009, defeat or fight. David Zuniga was a long time employee at an established fabrication company in El Paso, Texas. His oldest son David Zuniga Jr., was a student at The University of Texas at El Paso, and his youngest son, Angel Zuniga, a high school teenager, when the financial crisis hit. They were forced to make a choice to start a business in dark times. With nothing but faith in their hard work, they began with two model iron doors, driving around to attract customers . Quickly, their product and reputation began to draw much attention.The Iron Snail Inc. is rapidly growing and is being recognized as a top iron door and wrought iron fabricator in West Texas. You can find their work in many parts of the country including Staten Island, New York, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Dallas, Texas. The Iron Snail strives to offer you an unparalleled experience, amazing customer service, and a breath-taking hand crafted product.  

At The Iron Snail Inc, we encourage you to bring us your idea. As odd and difficult as it may seem, we have experienced artisans who like a challenge. If we cannot make the door or project you are searching for, we will let you know before fabrication begins. 

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